5,7,5 – 5,7,5 – 365 6th January 2016

5,7,5 – 365
6th January 2016


A haiku and shorter diary entries, every now and then, for a year.


It’s becoming apparent that I think too much and that as a result I also write too much. So far, the postings on here that have gone down best have been those in which I have either forced myself to do only one draft and then press send or ones on which, after much frustrated editing, I have just deleted much of what was there and then posted what is left. So what do I do with the enormous review of the gigs we attended in 2015? It’s a work in progress that only halfway done already dwarfs my longest post. Perhaps I can do it in chapters. Whatever, I have gone on for far too long!


The popular blogs

Those frustration has left short

Enough already!

One thought on “5,7,5 – 5,7,5 – 365 6th January 2016

  1. Aha. Skeletal blogging. Remember, you are (supposedly) not doing this for popularity but for yourself. So it doesn’t matter if the gig review is massive and unpopular…or if you go on for far too long. I like your far too longs anyway.

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