5,7,5 – 365  12th September 2015 (b)

5,7,5 – 365

12th September 2015 (b)

Saturday and it’s gig night again. After last weekend at The End of the Road, instead of resting we push on a three gig marathon. This time it’s Andrew Combs, playing at The Fox and Newt in the centre of Leeds. We’ve not been here before, in fact we haven’t done Leeds at all. The pub itself turned out to be a great place; with a micro-brewery in the basement, good and very reasonable food from the bar – we enjoyed ravioli and a salad – and a live music/comedy venue on the first floor. Sound upstairs was very nice, not overblown or messy and we were able to appreciate the whole band tonight.

We had seen Andrew Combs play two sets at The End of The Road, the first on the large Woods Stage, the second a more relaxed, alcohol mellowed, acoustic affair in the woods on the Comedy Stage. Tonight we got to see the band up close and personal and had an opportunity to appreciate some really lovely vocal melodies, as well as just how much fun the band were having. Several members of the audience, including Laila, were singing along, which brought a big grin to Andrew’s face. At only 29, with just two albums and an EP behind him, Combs’ songwriting is outrageously good – there are many standout songs on both albums but absolutely no filler. And there is more to come, we heard lovely new songs tonight too.


The End of the Road

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