5,7,5 – 365 4th November 2015 (2)

5,7,5 – 365
4th November 2015 (2)


A haiku and a diary entry, everyday for a year. Sometimes twice!

I wrote this morning’s blog whilst waiting for my train to depart, an exercise in the avoidance of over thinking.

I’m on the train home right now and Laila just texted me, saying I was a crow, a reference to an old Stewart Lee and Richard Herring sketch, ‘Histor’s Eye’ in which Pliny, an egg obsessed crow, is unable to answer any question without mentioning the word egg. So, in the spirit of continuing to try to write spontaneously and to prove I’m not egg obsessed, I texted back the following haiku. Sadly, I then spoilt it a bit by texting, “The eggy, egg, egg, egg”, but you can’t win them all.


Black on rainbow black

Riding on cold Autumn wind

CRAWK, I am the crow