5,7,5 – 365 10th October 2015 

5,7,5 – 365

10th October 2015


A haiku and a diary entry, everyday for a year.  

It’s Saturday and it’s another gig night, this time at The Ent Shed in Bedford, Simone Felice with the support of Anna Mitchell.

Anna Mitchell charms us with her songs and stories before joining Simone for the main set. She has a lovely voice and a beautiful collection of sad songs, though she says she is determined to write a happy song to get it played on the radio. I remember John Fulbright at a gig explaining why most of his songs were sad, he said it’s one of the first rules of writing, there has to be conflict and conflict rarely ends happily. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with a sad song, I love a sad song.

I’ve told this tale before, about a different Simone Felice gig, at another time in another place. – More often than not, Simone’s songs are gritty stories, sometimes drawn from his childhood in The Catskills. Explaining some of the song’s origins, he told how his mother had once asked of the first Felice Brothers record, “why do all the songs have to be about losing a girl, and guns and murder, prisoners, drugs, prostitutes, murder, drugs and murder?” “Shit Mom”, he says, “it’s America!” Not all the songs are like that though and even those that are, are tinged with hope and delivered with more heart than most artists can even imagine.

Laila sings along right from the start and is smiling throughout. I love to see Laila sing at a gig – this is a special moment, truly shared. She pinches the gig poster from the door on the way out.


Grim Catskill stories

Sad songs keep the tears at bay

Special moment shared