5,7,5 – 365   1st November 2015

5,7,5 – 365

1st November 2015

A haiku and a diary entry, everyday for a year.

After a crappy and completely pointless weekend at work, what could be better to find waiting for me when I come home, apart from Laila, than this, the 20th anniversary edition of Son Volt’s ‘Trace’? Remastered, with extra demo tracks and a CD of the band playing live in 1996. The hifi is all warmed up and straight away, ‘Tear Stained Eye’, an old favourite track, sounds more immediate, detailed and textured than before. It’s possibly even a little sadder too! This is just what I needed. In Jay Farrar’s words, “sad songs keep the devil away”.


On returning home

After a weekend at work

Sad music awaits