5,7,5 – 365 11th September 2015

11th September 2015
It’s Friday night and Laila and I race down to London to catch The Delines at St Pancras Old Church. Lynne joins us there, our smashing friend who we met through shared music and with whom we now share our music. We have seen The Delines play before, three times last year and again only last Sunday, at The End of the Road. We’d enjoyed that set immensely but this was so much more – the venue is special and suits the band allowing Amy Boone’s voice to come forward. And what a voice, it really is is something beautiful, I find myself utterly smitten when she sings. The way in which the band pauses for her quieter moments is lovely. Last night even the audience paused at the end of songs before loudly showing their appreciation. The banter and in jokes between the band members is charming. As was the band making their way to the lobby to greet and thank the congregation as we left.
This is the third gig I’ve attended at the Old Church, it makes for a great music venue. It is small enough to be intimate and large enough to hold a reasonable audience but tickets there are limited and most events sell out in days if not hours. Just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross or St Pancras, the small Church is set back from and raised above the road and surrounded by tall trees, you could almost forget you have ventured into central London. It is still a working church which lays claim to being the oldest continually used place of worship in London. Mary Shelley lies in the graveyard along with other noted figures.
Our local church in Dowsby village is one of four Norman churches that are used on a rotating basis, each one taking its’ turn every fourth week. Even then attendance is poor – I’m not a Christian but do think it’s sad that these buildings that are part of our heritage and once sat at the very heart of the community, are now used only once in a while and sit empty most of the time. Tonight St Pancras Old Church was being enjoyed, it was alive with music

Music in the church
No songs of praise or old hymns
But, the church is full





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