5,7,5 – 365  8th December 2015 

5,7,5 – 365

8th December 2015

A haiku, eight hairy legs , and a diary entry, almost every day for a year. 

The internet had us out collecting conkers this October, they apparently will ward off house spiders. It does seems to have worked. Now the only time we see anything with eight hairy legs is when Archie and Arnie are wrestling under the coffee table. Sadly however, whereas the old lady who swallowed a fly ended her story with a horse, we began ours with a horse chestnut and now find ourselves bothered by flies. Beware! You meddle with nature at your peril.


Bowls of horse chestnuts

Have house arachnids conquered

But plague us with flies


5,7,5 – 365  30th November 2015 

5,7,5 – 365

30th November 2015

A haiku, sometimes two, and a diary entry, every day for a year. 


It’s Monday morning and there is little to cheer me up on the drive to the station. It’s dark this morning, the skies are heavy grey and it’s raining. As it begins to get a little lighter, the naked, art print trees stand out black against the sky, doing nothing to lift my mood. Once sat on the train I play around with the words for a haiku with no help from iOS 9, which offers up the wrong words as I type or mistakes an opening line for an attempted diary entry.


Against wet grey skies

Stark black and white photo trees

Darkening my mood




Grey Monday morning

iPad offers of diary

Helpful but soulless